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What's about TechShares?


Consist of Facebook,Apple,Microsoft elite group


IPO will launch at the same time during in global scale


The most advanced security technology

What's New?

Some Features

The TechShares's IPO will launch at the same time during in global scale.Totally 600 million of TechShares will provide to people all over the world.

1.UAVs field(Such as drone)

2.Future social field

3.Artificial intelligence field(Such as VR)

4.Medical health field(Such as Nano-medical technology)

5.Robotics field

Trade in Livecoin platform

Now there is a user name as Madhatter WTB THS as price 0.00003000BTC/THS

If anybody WTS to him,please send THS to account madhatter1 and leave the BTC's address via memo.

User name rogerrabbit24 is as BTC acceptance business

Please send TTTBTC to account rogerrabbit24 and leave the BTC's address via memo (Please attention that if account has collateral,prior to pay the collateral as the ratio when made collateral).

U.S.:Mr.Anderson Email

Great China:Ms.Pang Email

East Asia:Mr.Patiparn Email

Russia:Mr.Александр Email address:Александр

France:Ms.Louna Email

Australia:Mr.Ethan Email

Germany:Mr.Daniel Email

Italy:Mr.Sandro Email

Indonesia:Ms Setiawati Email

Singapore:Mr.Fong Email

Japan:Mr.Tanaka Email

Brazil:Mr.Fabiano Email

Argentina:Mr.Juan Email

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